Information for school visits:
Mark Robson has visited schools since he published his first book ?The Forging of the Sword? in Summer 2000. He is a versatile public speaker and teacher, comfortable with talking to both small groups and mass audiences alike. He will happily talk to pupils from Year 5 upwards. When speaking about first becoming a Royal Air Force pilot, and then an author, Mark looks to inspire confidence in young people, helping them to set goals and improve personal motivation. His energy and enthusiasm are infectious qualities that have the young people buzzing for weeks after his events. Mark?s writing workshops are designed to help aspiring young writers cut to the chase with their fictional writing. His teaching seeks to sweep aside some of the classic juvenile failings and help young people develop a simple, yet more mature approach to story plotting, character development and sense of pace. He has pre-prepared workshops on: how to start a story effectively, character development and writing better short stories. However, he is happy to design workshops on other elements of fictional writing on request. Mark also now offers a ?Publishing Workshop? designed to give young people an insight into some of the different disciplines that go into producing and marketing a book. This workshop is only suitable for Yr9 and upwards. Please ask for further details. To arrange a visit to your school, please contact Mark to check availability. His current fee is ?350, plus travel at 35p/mile, for a full day of talks and workshops. Half day rates are negotiable, though it is suggested that smaller Primary Schools link up with other schools to arrange a double visit and save on costs.