Sword Publishing is the trading name for Mark Robson's self-published novels.

For more details about Mark Robson and his other titles, please see his website, www.markrobsonauthor.com

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Sword Publishing Books

Do you like Harry Potter or The Hobbit? Why not try something different and read a book by Mark Robson? Mark's books are easy-to-read, 'swords-and-sorcery' style adventures suitable for anyone aged 10+. The highly appraised Darkweaver Legacy is a quartet brimming with heroes, villains and magical adventures. 


Book 1: The Forging of the Sword ISBN 0-9538190-0-0

The art of the Magician has been banned in Thrandor for two hundred years.  Magic has degenerated to myth and legend, fit only for the songs of minstrels.  So thought Calvyn, a young teenager from a farming village near the borders of the Great Western Forest. Unbeknown to him, a magical talisman has been recovered and the whole of Thrandor stands blissfully unaware that disaster is poised to strike. So begins the Darkweaver Legacy


Book 2: Trail of the Huntress ISBN 0-9538190-1-9

The battle for Mantor has been won.  Against all odds the Terachite Nomads are in retreat.  Yet now, even before the threat of the Nomad Clans has passed, a new danger has arisen in the North. The mystical Lords of the Inner Eye have initiated an evil plan that will force Jenna to face her destiny. A deadly path is laid before her... one filled with doubts and danger at every turn. But sometimes even fate can be twisted. Especially when you are... 'The Huntress.'


Book 3: First Sword ISBN 0-9538190-2-7

After the spectacular victory at Kortag, Thandor appears safe. Bek and Jez, however, are imprisoned and in grave danger. Forced to fight in the deadly arena where all who face them are enemies, they make plans for their escape... but to escape, they must first survive.  Perdimonn, Warder of the Earth Key, also faces a perilous road. The powerful Magician, Selkor, having restored Darkweaver's amulet, is now attempting to gather the Keys of Power. Perdimonn must risk everything to stop Selkor and avert disaster.  For Perdimonn a dangerous race... and for Bek, the deadly contest to prove that he is still... First Sword. 


Book 4: The Chosen One ISBN 0-9538190-3-5

Selkor has gained three of the four Keys that the Warders have kept secret for untold years. The Shandese Magician is desperate to get the final Key and become 'The Chosen One' prophesied by the Oracle, Drehboor Perdimonn, Warder of the Earth Key, must somehow find a way to stop him. Calvyn and the Council of Magicians are racing to Perdimonn's aid, but hundreds of leagues separate the allies, and Selkor is not Calvyn's only enemy